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the world the way it was supposed to be

No Monsters and No Magic
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Fanfiction based on No Monsters & No Magic.
This community is for posting, reccing, and discussing fanfiction based simply on Jacob's quote in Eclipse: "If the world was the way it was supposed to be, if there were no monsters and no magic..." Which means the Cullens DO NOT EXIST, that Edward died in 1918 of the Spanish Influenza, and that there are no werewolves. If you choose to make Jacob still tell scary stories to Bella about the superstitions of the Quileute tribe, that's fine. But no monsters and no magic PLEASE.


1. Tolerance is a must, meaning if you do not share a liking of Jacob/Bella, the ship or the fanfiction, do go elsewhere. Yes I read Breaking Dawn and no I do not live in a fairytale world where I discount it. This is a shipper haven for Jacob/Bella fans and their fanfiction. Posts and comments containing J/B bashing will be deleted.

2. Posts and Fanfiction must be Jacob/Bella related. Any Edward/Bella fics will be, for obvious reasons, deleted. Remember, Edward does not and cannot exist in this "sane" world (see guidlines below). For specific exceptions, please message me.

3. This site is for FANFICTION and related topics only (needed beta's, recs, ficathon posts, what have you). Please do not spam the community with promotions for non-related Jacob/Bella sites. If you'd like to post promo's to your own jacob/bella sites, please request permission in advance.

4. If you have already written fanfiction but it follows the guidelines you may post it. All fics need to be posted under an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do that, there is help in the LJ FAQ.

5. Reccing fics is allowed.

6. Bella/OC and/or Jacob/OC is allowed. Following the guidelines below.

7. No net speak.

A few simple "Guidelines" The No Monsters & No Magic Law (or NM&NM law):

1. There IS no Edward Cullen and Bella never meets him because he simply does not exist. He died as human Edward Masen, in 1918. Subsequently, there is no Carlisle, no Esme, no Alice, no Jasper, no Emmett, and no Rosalie. No Volturi, no Denali, etc. They are all dead/nonexistent. Sorry. :[

2. NO MONSTERS AND NO MAGIC. None. No vampires, no ghosts, no werewolves, no Frankenstein. Mmkay? Virgos are all right. ;]

3. If your story mentions it, Emily can be with Sam or Leah. I gave this a lot of thought since it has to do with the whole werewolf thing. Since there are no werewolves, Sam never phased near Emily and messed up her body and face. He never imprinted on her and they never fell deeply in love because of it, although they could have fallen in love for other reasons, of course. Have fun with the Leah/Sam/Emily triangle.

4. To go with the above statement, EMILY DOES NOT HAVE FACIAL DEFORMITIES. If she does, you must explain where they came from (NM&NM).

5. Jacob can still be "warm" but not brain melting warm. Anything over 103 degrees Fahrenheit is going to sound silly.

That's basically it. If you have any more questions or if I'm forgetting something, you can message me or email: ktconvikt@aol.com

I am currently looking for affiliates, possibly a co-moderator once things pick up, and anyone with decent Photoshop & HTML skills. I'd love a nifty little header or background for the community.


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